Recommended Relationship Resources

There are many great resources available, both in cyberspace and outside of it. In fact, that list is exhaustive. However, these are some of the recommended resources for seeking information about relationships, whether you are in the Arab world/Middle East, in the United States, or any other place that are also based in science, research, and fact.

1. The Science of Relationships. It has information related to dating, relationships, sexuality, friendship, marriage, courtship, engagement, breaking up, compatibility, and a host of other topics, resources, and featured columns. The best part is that they write like me: including social scientific relationship research in their posts. The head editors as well as the contributing authors all have a background in relationship research (either with an MA, PhD, or other degree/experience). Definitely a relevant and credible website (you can also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites). They also have a book.

2. Dr. Terri Orbuch ("The Love Doctor"). She's a media-friendly relationship researcher from Michigan who writes articles related to relationship research for media outlets (she was interviewed for the story about "5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage: Revealed by Divorce" (A better overview here)). She also does a weekly segment on a local Michigan news outlet (Saturday morning between 8 and 8:30 AM on WJBK Fox 2 News-Detroit). You can find her columns on the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter

3. Dr. Bjarn Holmes. Also a media-friendly researcher, he blogs on Science of Relationships and Psychology Today. He also hosts a monthly podcast series called Relationship Matters,  which features an interview (or more) with a knowledgeable expert on some aspect of relationship research and relationship maintenance. He is available on Twitter.

4. When it comes to sexual concerns related to relationships, sexual health, and everything in-between, Kinsey Confidential out of the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University is my go-to guide (Kinsey sound familiar? It was established by pioneering human sexuality researcher Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey). Anyway, this site has it all, from relationship resources to information about STIs, sexual health, sexuality and relationships, answers to questions about sex, reading lists to check out, and much more. I strongly suggest you check them out, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Another go-to sexual health and relationship resource is a blog authored by Dr. Justin Lehmiller called "The Psychology of Human Sexuality." It has a lot of great topics on it that cover a variety of topics from research on sexual fetishes, to answering frequently asked sexually-related questions. I suggest you check it out as well, and follow him/the blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, check out It has wonderful sexuality and sexual health resources and links, AND it was founded by a legitimate, accredited sexologist and sex therapist.

Lastly, if you're looking for the health and wellness benefits of sex, check out this article from Psychology Today.

6. The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. It's a non-partisan, US government-sponsored project that compiles information, statistics, marital resources, and other information together. It's really interesting, and gives more numerical information based on various surveys and other research methods. So, from attitudes toward marriage, marital trends, demographics, divorce patterns, etc., this site has it covered.

7. The International Association of Relationship Research (IARR), "A scientific and professional organization including hundreds of scholars and practitioners focused on stimulating and supporting the scientific study of personal and social relationships. Members of IARR come from around the globe and various disciplines. The majority of members are affiliated with academic institutions (i.e., faculty and students), however many work in industry and/or private practice. The membership draws on those with interest or backgrounds in psychology, communication, sociology, family studies, anthropology, philosophy, and other related disciplines. IARR’s meeting takes place once every other year, with a rotation of the hosting country between North America, and the rest of the world. Learn more about IARR here." You can also follow them on Facebook.

8. Psychology Today. As per their website, first launched in 1967, "Psychology Today is devoted exclusively to everybody's favorite subject: ourselves. We have gathered renowned academics, psychiatrists, psychologists, and authors in our field to contribute their thoughts and ideas on what makes us tick--there are over 750 of them--creating a truly live stream of what's going on in 'psychology today'. It also connects individuals to therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, resources, and treatment options/centers. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bonus: There is also two academic journals that are dedicated to relationship research: Personal Relationships (Wiley), and The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (SAGE), both through the IARR. They both contain additional resources as well.

Recommended books and other reading:

1. The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

2. No Man is an Island, Thomas Merton

3. The Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Marriage and Family, Gary Lewandowski, Jr., Timothy J. Loving, Benjamin Le, & Marci Gleason.

4. The Prophet, Khalil Gibran

5. StrengthsFinder 2.0, Tom Rath

6. Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds, Zygmunt Bauman

7. Sexuality in the Arab World, Samir Khalaf

8. The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap, Stephanie Coontz

9. What's Love Got To Do With It? An Exploratory Study of Relationship Formation and Romantic Love Among American University of Beirut Students, Michael J. Oghia (MA thesis)

10. Myers-Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers

11. This article covers 5 wonderful books related to love, including:

--Essays in Love, Alain de Botton
--The Psychology of Love, Robert J. Sternberg & Michael L. Barnes
--A General Theory of Love, Thomas Lews, Fari Amini, & Richard Lannon

12. MidEastPosts has a whole tag-list of articles related to marriage, dating, and relationships

13. The legal-oriented site Expertise has some great information and resources pertaining to divorce, specifically questions you must ask before filing for divorce and information on divorce and child custody.

14. Easily two of the best relationship articles I've ever read are from Tim Urban who authors the blog Wait But Why. It's titled How to Pick Your Life Partner, and broken into Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

15. Intercultural Communication with Arabs: Studies in Educational, Professional, and Societal Contexts, edited by Rana Raddawi, PhD.

16. Brain Pickings, which has many resources on love, relationships, romance, life, society, and philosophy -- often from the perspective of the arts and humanities.

17. "Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons" (Quartz) - An article written by Mark Manson analyzing tips for relationship success from hundreds of his readers.

18. Masters of Love (The Atlantic) - An article explaining (using relationship research) how lasting relationships come down to kindness and generosity.

19. How to craft an empirically supported marriage (Scientific American) - Ever wondered what happens when a love researcher is planning to get married?

20. Getting married? Love science? Here are our 10 research-based wedding vows (SoR) - Another take a love researcher getting married, but this time, to another love researcher.

21. Why you will marry the wrong person (New York Times)

22. Things you should know about your mate: 1,000 questions for couples (PDF)

23. The 36 questions that lead to love (New York Times)

24. 13 questions to ask before getting married (New York Times)

25. Modern Love series (New York Times)

26. 14 stages of love according to the Arabic

Recommended video and news clips:

1. Cyprus: Island of Forbidden Love Al Jazeera World

2. All The Single Ladies - Al Jazeera's The Stream

3. The Science of Love ASAPScience

4. The Brain in Love - Helen Fisher TED talk

5. Modern Love podcast (New York Times)

6. How Romanticism Ruined Love - The School of Life (YouTube)