Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lev Yilmaz: "On Relationships..."

Good morning LOVEanese! I'm not sure if you're familiar with Tales of Mere Existance by Lev Yilmaz, an apathetic Turkish-American artist and filmmaker that loves to illustrate stories about his life. BUT if you aren't familiar, just check out these great short videos related to dating and relationships that seem to capture certain feelings, sentiments, and situations so well (especially for the guys):

1. Observations About Relationships:

  2. My Darling?

3. Boyfriends I have Been (I love this one, especially when he mentions the sociologist):

4. What Would Penis Do? (Great (and hilarious) commentary on the dynamics between the heart, mind, and our sexuality):

5. How You May Fall For A Girl On Facebook:

6. And finally, one of the best one's ever: How To Break Up...

That's it! Funny? Which ones do you like best? Stay tuned for some more relationship research reviews (this weekend!)

Spread the love (and laughs),


  1. Dude you just posted 20 minutes worth of videos on one blog post. Perhaps they'd be better split among multiple posts in the future?

  2. On the contrary I think this is a nice way to break up the heaviness and bring a light-hearted, yet nonetheless pertinent, discussion into the foreground. I especially like that each video talks about a different aspect of relationships.

  3. I only watched 3 of those but they all seemed pretty dejected :)