Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A message from Ogie

"Examine what is said, not he who speaks" - Arab Proverb

Good afternoon LOVEanese! Today I want to just talk. No posts about love (though that will come in a few days). What I want to talk about is simple.

I know based on Blogger/Google Stats that people are reading the blog. And for that, I am most appreciative. Really, thank you all so much! But at the same time, after 5 weeks, I realized something. Bear in mind that I say this will all humility, which is: this blog isn't for me, and it was never intended to be. This blog is for YOU! And for anyone that wants to read about relationship research, find resources regarding relationship maintenance, and help create better, stronger, and more meaningful relationships. But this emphasis is on you, and what you want. Other than conveying the message, I have no part in this. I cannot magically make people's relationships better; it's something that needs to be done on an individual basis.

In the first post of LOVEanon I outlined the purpose of the blog and the vision behind it. But I also emphasized that I am not an expert. Don't think of this as me talking to you. Your voice is just as important as mine!

What I want from you as the readers is not merely to retweet and share on Facebook (although I do appreciate that!). What I want is for you to help build this into an online community for those in Lebanon especially, but also for individuals throughout the Arab world, Middle East, and the world to come together and discuss love, dating, relationships, and what we can do to understand these crazy concepts better. 

Part of this is sharing your own experiences. Part of this is discussing what's written with the community, with your friends. Make the knowledge of how to make our relationships better part of the common things people talk about. And use this blog to reinforce it!

What I really want to see from all of you who read this blog are two things:

1. Comment more! Do you like what I'm saying? How does it fit into your life? Don't be afraid to comment, that's what anonymous posting is for!

I am presenting information, but I expect all of you to take it further. And especially those in Lebanon, how is this information relevant? How can we contextualize it to our society? As my thesis will document, there's not been a lot of research done here in the Arab world on relationships. And when there is any, it is either about honor and shame, patriarchy, or the family as a whole including arranged marriages. But who talks about love? And dating? And relationships? 

Easy... WE DO!

2. Secondly, I want you to tell me what you want to read about. I have a lot of ideas for content, but if you don't think what I say is relevant, tell me. It's that simple. Suggests topics you would like to read more about, or that you don't know a lot about. I need your suggestions too!

Once again, this blog isn't about me. It's about you. So, talk about it, comment, and tell me what you want to see! As I mentioned, I want this to become an online community. I want this to be a voice for all those who want to understand themselves and their partner better. I want this to reflect YOU.

As always, thank you for reading, and thank you for making this such a success so far. But don't be afraid to get more involved. Share stories, and anecdotes, and experiences, and add that human element to these posts.

Spread the love,


  1. Hey Ogie, here's a situation you'll get a kick out of. Back in middle/high school the "crazier" teachers used to say "if you want to see if someone's compatible try taking them to church for a first date."

    Obviously, I thought they were insane. Until Sunday...I've been chatting with a girl for a week or so and couldn't really tell if I had a chance. Of course, chatting for a week should be a good sign so I figure screw it, I'm going all in. We went to Mass, followed by dinner, and a movie. Each step of the way I was sure she'd ask to be taken back home but by the end of the night I was proven "a charmer". Who'd have thought!?

    Funny aside: I'd been warned by friends that her family was super-protective. As we're walking back to my car after the movie a police car rolls up...it's her brother (an officer) and mom! I think I would have been scared had I not been concentrating all my energy on not busting out laughing at the irony of the situation!

  2. I just wanted to state a reply I made to a comment on Facebook:

    "I'm writing a lot about things that I think are important, but I want to stress the things that OTHERS think are important.

    I assure you that I've been spending a lot of time on it, but if people aren't really talking about it, it's kind of a waste of my time. People have been reading, which is great, but the whole point of this is just to encourage people to tell me what they want to read, and to discuss more to make the blog more enriching."

  3. Try writing about personality temperaments and how they work together (Again, in a totally different way :P ) Talk about what men think of women and what women think of men, from the things you hear, the people who confide in you, both genders may misunderstand each other...It's often stereotypical like, All men are pigs (which is often true :P)


  4. Hahaha, thank you for the suggestion! I'll see what I can do. But that's a good idea about temperaments and the whole "do opposites attract" thing. And communication is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship, so I will definitely keep discussing it.