Friday, October 21, 2011

Some weekend reading

Happy Friday LOVEanese! I want to post a more substantial post this weekend (I already know what it is too, and it's a good follow-up to my previous post about the nature of love, but until then, I have six links you can read-up on. I've been posting them on the LOVEanon Facebook Page, but I also wanted to keep a copy here.

The first link is about an Iowa, USA couple that were married for 72 years. Sadly, after a car accident they died 1 hour apart from each other while still holding hands. It was a sweet story that was tinted with a hint of melancholy. Check it out here, and as a bonus, check out the entertaining elderly couple's video to the left of the main story.

The second link was something my sister shared with me. It's The 9 Most Annoying Things To Say To A Single Person. If you're single, I'm sure you'll love it. If you're not single, stop asking your single friends these questions, no matter how you phrase it.

The third link is about marriage. Rachel Greenwald discusses her experience with marriage as a crapshoot. She talks about how marriage is changing, and it's implications for meeting "Mr. or Mrs. Right." You can check it out here.

The fourth link is all about those rules, and numbers, and "What's wrong with me?" questions. Basically, according to Sara Eckel, Sometimes, It’s Not You. In fact, often enough, it's not you, and there's nothing wrong with you. 

The fifth link is a really interesting article for All The Single Ladies. It also discusses how gender roles, dating, relationships, and marriage are changing. However, it goes into much depth, and takes a historical point-of-view to explain how things were in the past and how they are now. FYI: Just remember that there's a lot of good and advice out there for single ladies (read: don't ever believe anything you read in Cosmo).

In fact, according to this very credible source, they "gotta put a ring on it."

The last link is really interesting. Hanna Rosin poses the statement: "The End of Men."
She discusses in a very well-cited way how women are overtaking men in almost every aspect of life from economics to education. You can also check out the related Intelligence Squared debate "Men are Finished" here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll update in the next few days.

Spread the love,

P.S. Cracked is a humor website, but I love what they post. It's funny, yet educational. And often enough, it's exactly right. Check out this article regarding 4 Pieces of Relationship Advice Movies Need to Stop Giving. So true!


  1. THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCH for sharing the "Sometimes it's not you" article by sara eckel... It was heart warming!

  2. I read the Atlantic article, then went to a party and did a little people watching... It's SOOO TRUE!

  3. loved the eckel artcile! amazing stuff..also the cracked thing was hilarious! something they could add: stop making people believe that if they engage in "no strings attatched" sex or "friends with benefits" that they will actually meet their soulmate and fall in love. no. it was just sex.

  4. Anon: thanks for reading :)

    I thought that "FWB" or "NSA" implied no relationship? There's a train of thought that thinks that if you're doing that, they'll fall in love??

    That's just dumb...