Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 Months, 5000 Views!

Exactly 4 months ago on August 27, I started LOVEanon. Today marks not only the 4th month anniversary, but the day it HIT OVER 5,000 views! We made it! Thank all of you LOVEanese readers so much for your support! Thank you for spreading the love!

Keep spreadin' it,


  1. I've been following your blog for some time and I really like it, especially the great mixture between science and personal thoughts/experiences you provide. Congratulations to 5000 visitors, I hope there are many more to come! There is one topic I'm very interested in you haven't covered so far: homosexuality. I am a lesbian and I'd like to read scientific stuff about this topic since it is not covered very often (at least in serious ways). So maybe if you could do that in the future, that would be great!

  2. Anon: Thank you so much for following and for reading!

    I really appreciate your suggestion too. This is definitely a LGBTQ-friendly blog :) Aside from that one post I did in November about sexual health resources, I actually am very explicit about why I don't cover issues related to gender and sexuality: it's outside of my knowledge field. I don't study it, and I don't want to focus on it either. Although it is a component of relationships, I don't feel like I have the credibility to talk about it. Plus I don't really think it's relevant to my general content. Do you disagree?

    What I can definitely do, however, is highlight more resources and research available that specifically focuses on the gay community or on homosexual romantic relationships. Does that make sense?

    I really hope I'm not giving you a bull shit answer...